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Brain Entrainment & Neurofeedback Training

Brain Entrainment

Dr. Ella Coffren offers brain entrainment, also known as brain synchronization, in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to re-balance brain wave activity and help your brain to relax, rest and reboot. Brain entrainment uses auditory binaural beats, light frequencies and guided mediation to stimulate the brain’s frequency following response, synchronizing brainwaves with auditory and visual rhythms. Brain entrainment can help you experience a deeply relaxed and restorative state, similar to the state of mind achieved during and after prolonged meditation.

 As you’re guided through various states of consciousness during brain entrainment, you can change unwanted behaviors and habits, including those contributing to smoking, poor sleep habits and over-eating, all while helping you feel more relaxed and attentive, energetic and motivated to succeed. Brain entrainment patients often report a reduction in negative thinking, more energy, deeper relaxation, enhanced productivity, better memory, increased creativity and better focus.

 Brain entrainment works best when it immediately follows an adjustment, ideally within 20 minutes of your adjustment, when the brain is most malleable. Brain entrainment enhances the effects of your adjustments and can help you achieve results faster.

BrainTap users regularly report that BBT

Reduced or eliminated brain fog and negative mind chatter
Provided more energy
Promoted relaxation, which contributes to maintaining healthy sleep
Did away with unwanted habits and behaviors
Enhanced productivity, memory, focus, creativity
Improved quality of life

Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a non-invasive method used to optimize how the brain (and therefore the body) functions. Research shows that there are specific brain wave patterns associated with conditions such as insomnia, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and dementia. Brain wave patterns are also disrupted when a person has experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke or concussion. Dr. Ella typically uses neurofeedback training as a complement to chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Ella may recommend neurofeedback training if neurologically-based chiropractic care is not producing expected results.

The goal of neurofeedback is to reduce the symptoms associated with specific health conditions by correcting disrupted patterns. Neurofeedback is also used by those in high profile careers, such as musicians and professional athletes, who want to optimize brainwave activity patterns. Neurofeedback training can help patients learn what it feels like to be in a focused beta state. Becoming familiar with the beta state can help you and your brain learn to better modulate and self-regulate emotions.


How Neurofeedback Training Works

At Foothills Chiropractic, we use the Stress Response Evaluation Dynamic Assessment to assess brainwave patterns. During the assessment, you’ll be connected to sensors that measure and record brainwaves. The brainwave data gathered during the assessment is then analyzed by Dr. Ella, who compares the results with what are considered typical or normal results. If the results of the SRE Dynamic Assessment show disrupted brain wave patterns, Dr. Ella will design a neurofeedback protocol that will help normalize your brain wave patterns, lead to better brain functioning and may help alleviate some symptoms.


What To Expect During a Neurofeedback Training

For a neurofeedback training, you’ll have sensors and wires connected to different parts of your head that will record brainwave patterns during the session. The sensors and wires will be connected to a computer so that the data from the session can be monitored. The computer

software will monitor your brainwave activity and provide feedback to you when your brain wave pattern is in the normal range. You’ll receive feedback in the form of a game, movie or sound that lets you know that your brain is functioning as it should. One of the neurofeedback trainings used by Dr. Ella is a boat race in which the boat will only move if you are in a specific brain wave pattern state.


If you’d like to learn more about the brain-based chiropractic services offered by Foothills Chiropractic, including brain entrainment and neurofeedback training, call 207-897-2332 or email info@foothillsdc.com to set up an appointment today.

Whether you want to overcome stress eating or conquer a bad habit, instill a positive mindset, advance your career, master your sport, enhance your learning, write the great American novel, get your body super fit or simply regain the health and vitality you deserve, BrainTap Technology is for you!