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Our children are our most precious gifts. We want to give them the best life possible. Dr. Ella and Synaptic Chiropractic want to work with you in creating the healthiest kids and healthiest community in the nation!

Research now shows that the current generation of kids in America is the first to have a SHORTER life span than their parents. That is exactly why Dr. Ella has advanced training in pediatrics and neurological issues. With one in six kids now having a developmental disability there is a growing need for natural, safe, and effective management. This is exactly what our office offers. A safe environment that allows children be who they are destined to be! Proper neurological development is key and that is why our office is brain based. In today’s world stress plays a huge part even for a kids, so we also take a special approach to also help kids better cope with stress.

Patients under care have seen success with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, colic, reflux, constipating, nursing & digestive issues, ear infections, asthma, allergies, and sensory processing disorders. Many kids even report having less colds/flus too!! When your child’s brain is functioning properly the limits are endless. Improved communication means improved health and an ability for your child to grow to reach their full potential.Care can also start in the womb! By adjusting moms to be, research has shown reduced labor times and interventions–which mean a healthier birth and a healthier baby! Dr. Ella is also trained in the Webster Technique which helps fetal positioning and breach presentations.

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