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Stress. It’s everywhere. In today’s fast paced environment, it may not be surprising to hear that up to 95{ed447ba55bbc0c9e7436468afbd9a24947a2cfe312c6141ce468f9c2ae1cfc08} of all disease and dysfunction has been related back to stress. But the question is–what can we do to avoid becoming a statistic?

Luckily–there is a solution! Stress is a part of life and while we can try to avoid it, it is not always feasible to do so. That is exactly why the secret in decreasing your chance of stress related disease is in improving how your body handles stress.

Have you ever noticed that your get certain aches or pains when you’re really stressed? Maybe it’s a headache. Maybe you can’t sleep as well. Or maybe you get a cold. All of these are results of the effects of stress on your body.

Our office is the only one in the greater Portland area to offer Stress Response Evaluations that allow us to exactly see how your body is reacting to stress. In turn, we can then also learn how to improve your body’s reaction. By improving how your body reacts and interprets stress, we can improve your overall function and well-being. Synaptic Chiropractic is in the “brain business” and knows that when your brain is functioning at its best it is more able to handle the stressors of everyday life.

Stress is going to happen. Is your body ready to handle it effectively?